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I wrote this headline as part of a source messaging and strategic positioning exercise. It went on to become the platform for an integrated national campaign in India featuring Bollywood superstar Deepika Padukone
I conceived, wrote and directed this spec campaign that helped Momentum WW in NYC win the Powerade shopper marketing account.
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Written and directed for guitar makers PRS.
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While a lot of people play the guitar. Few people play it well enough to justify buying a PRS.
Writing and creative direction. A poster and print ad for the Scandinavia Open World Cup Skateboarding tournament in Copenhagen, 2002.
Also for the Scandinavian World Cup, an on-premise poster and invitation. (Copenhagen has a reputation for easy-to-get weed. Hyggelige is an extension of the Danish word hygge that, 15 years later, was added to the OED.)

Liberator (Bedroom Adventure Gear) makes pillows that help people connect and create during lovemaking. Over the course of two years, I wrote and directed over 30 print ads a month that helped make them a globally recognized brand (and secure product placements in movies like Meet the Fockers and Burn After Reading.)

Concept and copy for Liberator Stage.
The headline reads: It’s not a sex toy. The pay off is quietly super imposed on the model.
I wrote and directed this campaign for Liberator.